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Welcome to our "CapturedOnCanvasArt" online store dedicated to providing men long sleeve t-shirts! We provide of long sleeve t-shirts, in a variety of sizes.

Discover the allure of understated fashion with "CapturedOnCanvasArt", your destination for Men's Longsleeve T-shirts with a touch of urban flair. Embracing the concept of effortless coolness, our collection is characterized by its contemporary designs and comfortable fabrics, making it the go-to choice for casual and semi-formal occasions alike.

At "CapturedOnCanvasArt", we take pride in promoting ethical fashion practices, from sourcing to production, ensuring that your longsleeve tee not only looks great but also stands for positive change in the fashion industry.

Redefine your style with "CapturedOnCanvasArt" Men's Longsleeve T-shirts and embrace the spirit of modern urban living.

Our Team

Owner and inspirer - Pavlo Styhunov

Designer - Olesya Kovalnko

AI engineer - Arkhip Gusev

Our Address:

5830 E 2nd St Suite 8, Casper, WY 82609 US

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Mon-Fri: 11.00 A.M - 8.00 P.M Saturday: 11.00 A.M - 8.00 P.M

Sunday: 11.00 A.M - 8.00 P.M

Tel: +1(601) 623-50-17

Email: info@capturedoncanvasart.com

Also, you can contact us through the form on the Contact page.